Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept pets?

Most of our properties will accept pets. There is a pet deposit and monthly fee. The amount will depend on the number, kind and size of pets.

Is there an application process?

There is an application process. You can fill out an application online and fax or bring in to our office. There is also a credit check, past rental verification and employment verification.

Do you do short term leases?

While the majority of our leases are for a minimum of 12 months, we can also handle short term leases for those who are looking to buy or build a home. Generally, these are a 3 month minimum.

Do you accept section 8?

Section 8 housing is available on select homes whose owners accept and are enrolled in the program. Call us for current, specific information based on your needs.

Do you sell homes or just rent property?

Positive Property is a full service real estate company. We have various agents which specialize in sale real estate and can help you with any real estate need.